The cost of retiming traffic signals in the Washington, DC area is about $3,500 per intersection.

April 2004
Washington,District of Columbia,United States

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Optimizing signal timing is considered a low-cost approach to reducing congestion. Based on data from six separate studies, the costs range from $2,500 to $3,100 per signal per update. While this range is reasonable, costs could be slightly more or less. A cost summary based on “The Benefits of Retiming Traffic Signals,” ITE Journal, is presented below; links to cost summaries from the other five studies as well as the synthesized costs summary are also provided.

The article, "The Benefits of Retiming Traffic Signals," is an interim product of the ITE Traffic Engineering Council’s project TENC-101-02. Like other products produced under TENC-101-02, this article describes the who, what, when, why, and how of traffic signal retiming.

Examples of successful retiming projects are also identified. The typical benefit costs ratio for traffic signal retiming projects is about 40 to 1. On average approximately 25 to 30 hours is needed to generate four timing plans (AM peak, noon, PM peak, and off-peak) per intersection. In general, the cost of retiming traffic signals is roughly $2,500 per intersection; however, based on a signal retiming study in the Washington, DC area the cost is about $3,500 per intersection.

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Synthesized Costs of Traffic Signal Retiming
Cost range for retiming traffic signals: $2,500 to $3,100 per signal per update.

National Traffic Signal Report Card
Costs to update signal timing: $3,000 or less per intersection.

Millenia Mall Signal Retiming Project
Cost of retiming signals: $3,100 per intersection.

Regional Signal Timing Program - 2005 Cycle Program Performance
Average cost to retime signals under the MTC program: $2,400 per intersection.

Benefits of Retiming Traffic Signals: A Reference for Practitioners and Decision Makers About the Benefits of Traffic Signal Retiming
Cost range for signal retiming: $2,000 - $2,500 per intersection.

Denver Regional Council of Governments Costs of Retiming Traffic Signals
Cost to retime each signal ranges from $1,800 to $2,000 which includes consultant time and DRCOG staff review time.

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The Benefits of Retiming Traffic Signals

Author: Sunkari, Srinivasa, P.E.

Published By: ITE Journal

Source Date: April 2004


System Cost

Cost of retiming traffic signals in the Washington, DC area is about $3,500 per intersection.
In general, the cost of retiming traffic signals is roughly $2,500 per intersection.


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