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Tourism and event-related travel information focuses on the needs of travelers in areas unfamiliar to them. Information services could include electronic yellow pages, incorporating lodging reservations systems and directions to points of interest.

A traveler information system for informing visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park of the availability of a shuttle for car-free travel to the Canyon View Information Plaza added 368 shuttle riders per day, an increase of transit mode share by 45.7 percent.(March 2009)

In Kentucky, 94 percent of travelers surveyed said they were satisfied with the information provided by 511 Tourism Service operators. (May 2006)

During the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, a survey about the CommuterLink Web site showed that 98 percent of visitors and 97 percent of residents who used the Web site said it worked well for them(April 2003)

In Arizona and Missouri a survey of tourists found that those who used advanced traveler information systems believed the information they received save them time.(30 June 2000)