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Active monitoring and responsivity to data stream is critical to accurate collection of bicycle and pedestrian data.(04/27/2020)

Agencies can use Open-Source Software (OSS) to respond flexibly and efficiently to stakeholder needs; although additional training may be required, the low cost and adaptability of OSS offer great benefits.(01/15/2020)

Keep procurement requirements flexible and up-to-date, suggests a Center for Urban Transportation Research report on open-source software for transit management.(01/15/2020)

Implement Effective Risk Mitigation Strategies and Use Defined Success Factors to Better Manage ITS Application Development and Deployment(March 31, 2011 )

Consider the User Experience when Designing and Developing ITS Applications(March 31, 2011 )

Consider Alternative Approaches and Sources for Collecting and Using Traffic Data(March 31, 2011 )