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Special event transportation management systems can help control the impact of congestion at locations hosting large events, such as fairgrounds, stadiums, or convention centers. In areas with occasional or one-time events, portable equipment such as dynamic message signs or portable lane control signs can help smooth traffic flow.

Enhance traffic flow in a regional, multi-state corridor by using vehicle probes to monitor real-time traffic conditions. (August 12, 2010)

Use vehicle probes to monitor traffic cost-effectively, manage incidents and queue ups proactively, reduce delays, and increase traveler satisfaction along a multi-state transportation corridor.(August 12, 2010)

Develop an effective evacuation plan for special event that gathers a large audience and consider co-locating the responding agencies in a joint command center.(01/30/2009)

Strengthen the ability to coordinate and manage operations for planned special events by co-locating a traffic management center with a public safety center with representatives from police, fire and 9-1-1.(November 2008)

Consider potential system enhancements to meet heavy demand.(4/1/2003)

Define your agency's expectations of a new system and a robust set of system requirements and then choose the software that meets your requirements.(4/1/2003)

Employ a proactive approach for building public awareness of the project requiring a work zone and deliver accurate information to the public. (November 2002)

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