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On-board sensors can monitor cargo and alert drivers and carriers of potentially unsafe conditions for the cargo being transported, such as elevated temperatures in a regrigerated trailer.

Telematics technology provides many benefits to trucking fleets.(08/26/2019)

Introduction of delivery fleet tracking system results in fuel savings of $4,815 across the five-truck fleet during a month long pilot program.(March/April 2012)

Tire pressure monitoring and maintenance systems improved motor carrier fuel economy by 1.4 to 1.8 percent.(02/24/2011)

HAZMAT safety and security technologies can have tremendous societal cost savings well beyond the break even point for benefits and costs.(11 November 2004)

HAZMAT safety and security technologies can reduce the potential for terrorist consequences by approximately 36 percent.(11 November 2004)

A series of interviews with commercial vehicle operators across the U.S. indicated that truck and motorcoach drivers are in strong agreement in favor of some ITS applications, but have mixed opinions about other applications. (1997)

ITS CVO applications for on-board safety monitoring were projected to have a benefit-to-cost ratio ranging from 0.02:1 to 0.49:1.(1996)

Several carriers reported that on-board monitoring systems enable carriers to increase loaded mileage by 9 to 16 percent, decrease operating costs, and save drivers time in reporting their status to dispatchers.(January 1992)

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