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Automated vehicle location and computer aided dispatch systems can assist carriers with scheduling and tracking of vehicle loads.

A Chinese study finds that e-commerce delivery services have potential to reduce traffic congestion by as much as 1.4 percent over baseline congestion.(01/08/2019)

Full deployment of mobility applications may be capable of eliminating more than 1/3rd of the travel delay that is caused by congestion.(12/10/12)

HAZMAT safety and security technologies can have tremendous societal cost savings well beyond the break even point for benefits and costs.(11 November 2004)

HAZMAT safety and security technologies can reduce the potential for terrorist consequences by approximately 36 percent.(11 November 2004)

Estimated benefits for shippers using an integrated shipment, equipment, and freight status information system equate to a 6.2 percent reduction in shipment costs.(September 2003)

In Scandinavia, vehicles equipped with a GPS-based tracking system and on-board monitoring systems were able to reduce wasted mileage and emissions in southern and central Sweden, and increase freight movement by 15 percent.(May/June 1997)

Fleet Increases Productivity by 15% using AVL System(April 1995)

In Europe, several projects investigated management systems designed to improve the operating efficiency of carriers. Centralized route planning systems reduced vehicle travel distances 18 percent and decreased travel time 14 percent.(1994-1998)

An ATA Foundation study (1992) found that trucking companies who use computer aided dispatch systems can make more runs per truck per day, and improve productivity by 5 to 25 percent.(1992)