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Transit agencies planning to replace their traditional diesel-fueled buses with zero-emission buses will need to consider the effects of extreme weather on the fuel-economy of zero-emission buses.(11/13/2019)

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations mounted to power poles can lower infrastructure installation costs, but raise concerns from utility companies and local businesses.(07/01/2019)

Consider alternatives to EV charging stations in public Right-of-Ways (ROWs) because of competing demands on curb space.

Examine state and federal regulatory policies to determine their ability to influence the adoption of electric vehicles in the long term.(09/01/2018)

Battery electric bus (BEB) technology offers a clean and efficient alternative to diesel buses but may require the adjustment of routes to accommodate charging requirements

Locate direct current fast charging systems for electric vehicles at high volume interchanges on major transportation corridors at sites amenable to 5 to 25 minute-long visits.(05/01/2017)

Evaluation of sites for direct current fast charging systems should consider local permitting regulations, loss of space, ground surface conditions, and availability of local electrical service.(05/01/2017)

Increase ownership of plug-in electric vehicles by minimizing the installation cost of electric vehicle supply equipment at major employment centers.(04/01/2017)

A Smart City must address real-world challenges, not just deploy technology. (01/03/2017)

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