Focus on a basic set of query and display capabilities sought by the majority of users when designing an Archived Data Management System (ADMS).

Lesson learned from Virginia's experience evaluating usage of a ADMS.

January 2006

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Based on a quantitative analysis of users and uses of the system, as well as user feedback, the following lessons were learned:
  1. Don't overspecialize early in a system's life. Usage trends of ADMS Virginia made it clear that most users wanted access to basic data query and display capabilities. Eighty percent of the use of the system was devoted to downloading data and creating simple plots and/or maps based on this data. Specialized services that took considerable design and development effort were lightly used.
  2. Anticipate a wide range of users. Demand for traffic data is great, and comes from a diverse group of people, including the research community. Allowing for wide access will minimize time spent allowing "special" access for groups that were not originally expected to use the system.
  3. Avoid spiral development as it creates the risk of establishing system usage patterns prematurely. Experience in ADMS Virginia showed that users tend to stick with usage patterns early, even failing to utilize design requested improvements in later builds. For example, mapping services were added in Build 4. The user group that received this build as their first interaction with the system tended to use this feature more than the group that had this feature added to the system they were already familiar with.
The lessons learned during the ADMS Virginia development effort are of value to individuals seeking to create an Archived Data User Service (ADUS) as defined within the National ITS Architecture, to those seeking to make use of archived ITS data, and to those involved with creating more general classes of new information technology systems for transportation applications.

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Usage Analysis of a First Generation ITS Data Archive: Lessons Learned in the Development of a Novel Information Technology Application

Author: Smith, Brian L. and Venkatanarayana, Ramkumar

Published By: Paper prepared for the 85th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, 22-26 January 2006.

Source Date: January 2006

URL: http://trid.trb.org/view/777512

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