Consider using contractors for TMC maintenance support.

Eight states' experiences with using contractors for TMCs.

Atlanta,Georgia,United States; Boston,Massachusetts,United States; Detroit,Michigan,United States; Houston,Texas,United States; Long Island,New York,United States; Milwaukee,Wisconsin,United States; Phoenix,Arizona,United States; Toronto,Ontario,Canada

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One important topic highlighted by these experiences is the use of contractors for TMC maintenance support.
  • Recognize that contractors can be effectively used for TMC maintenance support. It is important, that TMCs have knowledge of what they desire before contracting for warranty or maintenance support since significant differences exists between these two services. Note that warranties typically do not include repairs of damage from weather, vandalism, improper operation, or vehicle impact; the type of service will vary depending on contract specifications. In addition, if possible, an on-site presence should be encouraged as it is preferable to maximize desired value from contract support personnel. It may also be helpful to separate maintenance contracts based on the type of device being maintained.
  • Pre-qualify maintenance contractors since it is essential for hiring an effective maintenance support. Carefully specify skills in categories, technology, and equipment needed since general contractor categories might not offer a full set of the needed skills. For example, avoid situations where a contractor is supposed to reach installed equipment, but does not have the appropriate bucket trucks to reach the installations. TMCs may also benefit by overseeing the traffic control and safety practices of maintenance contractors to ensure that appropriate regulations and practices are followed.

When using contractors for TMC maintenance, several recommendations should be taken into consideration. First of all, agencies should realize that TMC maintenance support can be outsourced to contractors. However, the significant difference between"warranty" and"maintenance" should be acknowledged. Secondly, before hiring a contractor, it is recommended that there be a pre-qualification stage to filter through candidates for the most suitable contractor. After determining that the contractor has the specific skills set needed, the agency can hire and use the service to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Metropolitan Transportation Management Center Concepts of Operation: A Cross-Cutting Study

Author: Joint Program Office (JPO)

Published By: FHWA and FTA

Source Date: 10/1/1999

EDL Number: 10923

Other Reference Number: FHWA-JPO-99-020 / FTA-TRI-11-99-10

URL: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/2997

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