Adaptive signal control can be installed for $20,300 to $82,300 per intersection depending on upgrades required.

Experience implementing adaptive signal control systems in Colorado.

10th Street Corridor,Greely,Colorado,United States; Woodland Park Corridor,Colorado,United States

Summary Information

This report summarized results of an evaluation of two different commercial real-time adaptive signal control systems installed on two different corridors in Colorado. The InSync system was installed on 10th Street (US-34 Business) in Greeley and the QuicTrac system was installed on US-24 in Woodland Park. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) installed the system on each corridor and documented installation and maintenance costs as well as the expected benefits of each deployment on a per intersection basis.

Prior to installation of adaptive signal control on each corridor, the existing time-based coordination plans had been optimized and retimed within the last five to six years.

InSync System Costs

The InSync system was adapted to existing signal controller hardware at 11 intersections on a four mile section of the 10th Street corridor. The system was designed to record traffic data and allow operators to view data and camera images remotely. A number of infrastructure upgrades and high-speed communications were required to support the InSync system.

The InSyc system including required upgrades to hardware and communications on the corridor for an estimated cost of $905,500. A large portion (49 percent) of this cost was associated with engineering, construction, and construction management ($440,000); another 4 percent or about $40,000 was spent to for required high speed communications.

The table below excerpted from the source report summarizes overall project costs for the InSync deployment.

Items (InSync Deployment)
Misc. Construction (sidewalk, potholing, erosion, etc.)
Bored Conduit
Pull Boxes
InSync System and Components
Install Controller Cabinets
Telemetry (communication system)
Construction equipment and control
Annual Maintenance Costs (estimate)

Costs to install InSync were estimated at $82,300 per intersection. However, on a corridor that does not require upgrades, much of the costs associated with this installation can be saved. Assuming a reasonable labor effort of $10,000 the InSync system could be installed for about $34,000 per intersection and include digital video detection cameras, technical support, and all hardware to connect the InSync system into existing controllers.

QuicTrac system Costs

The QuicTrac system was adapted to existing signal controller hardware at eight intersections on a 3.65 mile section of US-24. All intersections were require to be connected to a central system that used QuicNet operating software. Approximately seven percent of the system installation costs, or about $13,100, was spent on new controllers required to run the firmware necessary to operate the QuicTrac system. This cost may not be necessary depending on existing infrastructure.

The table below excerpted from the source report summarizes overall project costs for the QuicNet deployment.

Item (QuicNet System)
QuicNet Pro Central System
10 - Local Controller Firmware
Central/Local Software Install and Configuration
Misc. Install Costs
Support from McCain
Controller, HC11
16 - Microwave Presence Detectors
Misc. Cables/Tape/DSL Line/Computer
CDOT Labor to Install (160 hours at $37.50 per hour)
Annual Maintenance Costs

Based on the number of intersections on the US-24 corridor costs for QuicTrac were estimated at $22,000 per intersection. However, if the upgrades to the controllers were not needed the system could be installed for about $20,300 per intersection.

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Adaptive Signal Timing Comparison Between the InSync and Quictrac Adaptive Signal Systems Installed in Colorado

Author: Sprague, David

Published By: Colorado DOT

Source Date: 07/01/2012

Other Reference Number: Report No. CDOT-2012-6


System Cost

InSync System: $34K to $82.3K per intersection
QuicTrac System: $20.3K to $22K per intersection


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