Specify and implement high accuracy vehicle location and pedestrian detection technology for connected vehicle transit safety applications.

Experience with the Transit Retrofit Package demonstration in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

November 2014
Ann Arbor; Michigan; United States

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Conclusions and lessons learned from this project are as follows:
  • The TRP on-bus software was effective at providing alerts to transit drivers.
  • The transit drivers expressed acceptance of the TRP concept.
  • There was a high rate of false alerts for the PCW application due primarily to a combination of GPS limitations and pedestrian detector limitations.
  • There was a high rate of false alerts for the VTRW application due to GPS limitations.
  • Consider a more precise technology, such as Differential GPS, on future systems to achieve expected performance levels. Wide Area Augmentation (WAAS)-enabled GPS accuracy was insufficient for the PCW and VTRW applications. Typical lane width is 3.35 meters, thus accuracy within 1.675 meters is required, which cannot reliably be achieved with WAAS-enabled GPS.
  • Use a more discerning technology, such as high-speed imaging, on future systems to achieve expected performance levels. The Doppler microwave-based crosswalk detectors are insufficient for the PCW application.
  • DSRC radio technology performed well – there were no TRP problems traced to DSRC radio communications.
  • The short-term system refinements yielded expected performance improvements.

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Transit Safety Retrofit Package (TRP): Leveraging DSRC for Transit Safety – Fielding Results and Lessons Learned

Author: David Valentine, Battelle Memorial Institute Robert Zimmer, Battelle Memorial Institute Steven Mortensen, Federal Transit Administration Robert Sheehan, P.E., PTOE, ITS Joint Program Office

Published By: US DOT

Source Date: November 2014

URL: http://www.its.dot.gov/safety/pdf/trp_august2014.pdf

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