Survey data show that vehicle performance data displayed to passengers on board automated shuttles can ease their sense of safety.

A survey was conducted to assess rider perception of safety onboard automated shuttles in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin; Germany

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Based on previous research, the authors noted that individuals' perceptions of the safety of AVs are increased with greater information on AV technologies and systems. Thus, they recommend measures to raise awareness of AV technology and safety measures.

The authors also found that AVs that communicated their intent and the state of nearby road users to their passengers were effective at mitigating safety concerns. Accordingly, they suggest that companies manufacturing or designing AVs install displays inside of them that provide information on the vehicle's current state and on the state of other road users.

Finally, the authors suggest that communications between AVs and other road users "behave like conventional vehicles" to ease interpretation and to limit the number of new signals that would have to be learned by road users.

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Passenger opinions of interactions with an automated vehicle: An accompanied test ride study

Author: Nordhoff, Sina; Jork Stapel; Bart Arem; and Riender Happee

Published By: Department Transport & Planning, Delft University of Technology,

Source Date: 07/31/2019

URL: http://scholar.google.com/scholar_url?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.researchgate.net%2Fprofile%2FSina_Nordhoff%2Fpublication%2F334803765_Passenger_opinions_of_interactions_with_an_automated_vehicle_An_accompanied_test_ride_study%2Flinks%2F5d4194014585153e59312bfd%2FPassenger-opinions-of-interactions-with-an-automated-vehicle-An-accompanied-test-ride-study&hl=en&sa=T&ei=X6VeXe6wNZC0mgHpq7GwBg&scisig=AAGBfm21E8zyRkVNmxu5cPlwRZM6qWv_KA&nossl=1&ws=1631x652&at=

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