A short-haul freight movement planning tool reduced unproductive truck movements in Los Angeles saving 14 percent of drayage miles driven.

Evaluation of a drayage optimization tool proof of concept.

May 30, 2018
Los Angeles,California,United States

Summary Information

This project evaluated the deployment of a drayage optimization tool designed to use Freight Advanced Traveler Information System (FRATIS) data and Corridor Optimization for Freight (COfF) algorithms to improve trucking operations by reducing the number of unproductive truck drayage trips (short-haul freight movement) in the Los Angeles/Long Beach area of California.


The project conducted from July through October 2017 included participation from one drayage company that provided data including pickup and delivery time windows, order numbers, driver names and numbers, city codes, delivery dates, as well as pickup and delivery street addresses for operations. In total, 101 days of data were provided by the participating company, with 85 days used for final analysis. Some days were discarded for reasons that included insufficient data and data affected by holidays.

The data collected was used to assess the performance of drayage operations with and without the optimization planning tool.


Overall the project demonstrated the potential for the system to substantially reduce drayage mileage and improved operational efficiencies. Analysis of live operational data indicated that the deployment of FRATIS on the Los Angeles/Long Beach transportation network led to a 14 percent reduction in average total miles driven.

The table below shows the overall results in the study.

Average Overall Distance Reduction
Average Company Generated Plan Miles
1,928.95 mi
Standard Deviation for Company Generated Plan Miles
502.73 mi
Average FRATIS Generated Plan Miles
1,662.29 mi
Standard Deviation for FRATIS Generated Plan Miles
461.71 mi
Largest Improvement
30% (October 21)
Smallest Improvement
2% (August 22)
Total Data Points Collected
Data Points Discarded
Potential Miles Reduction with FRATIS
22,874.83 mi

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Enhancement of Cross-Town Improvement Project (C-TIP) Drayage Optimization Proof of Concept - Los Angeles/Long Beach, California

Author: Mollaghasemi, Mansooreh; and Fabio Zavagnini

Published By: USDOT Federal Highway Administration, ITS JPO

Source Date: May 30, 2018

Other Reference Number: FHWA-JPO-18-676



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