Plan for logistical and operational issues prior to project implementation.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s experience implementing ITS support equipment and technologies.

December 2007
Wisconsin,United States

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Agencies will often encounter logistical and operational issues while implementing ITS support equipment and technologies. While some issues, such as weather, are outside an agency’s control, by properly preparing for non-technical challenges prior to project deployment issues that affect the cost and schedule of the project can be minimized.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) faced a number of challenges in the implementation of ITS support equipment and technologies for the State Patrol Mobile Data Communications Network expansion. Based on its experience, WisDOT offered the following lessons learned:
  • Ensure compliance with zoning ordinances and codes early in the project. The construction or expansion of tower sites requires coordination with zoning committees and land owners. All applicable permits should be secured in the early stages of the project to avoid delays.
  • Document problems with vendors and distributors. WisDOT faced numerous delays due to vendor performance issues, such as the wrong equipment being shipped and equipment not meeting the specifications that were outlined in the bid request. In order to improve the selection of quality vendors, all vendor related problems should be well documented. When selecting a vendor, their performance on previous projects should be scrutinized, and if there is documented proof that a vendor provided poor quality of service, the vendor should be eliminated from the bid process.
  • Be aware of appropriate "ship to" address. Many buildings in Wisconsin have a different mailing address than their physical street address. Staff need to be sure that they use the correct address for package deliveries so as to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Anticipate and plan for weather-related delays. When developing the project schedule, be cognizant of how local weather conditions can affect the schedule of outdoor work.
The WisDOT experience with deploying the ITS support equipment and technologies provides several useful lessons to the logistical issues typical of ITS projects. While common, the logistical issues addressed above can often be overlooked when focusing on the more technical aspects of a project; however, these procedural issues can have significant impacts on a project’s budget and schedule. Anticipating and planning for such problems prior to project deployment can help agencies minimize such set backs, leading to a smooth implementation of ITS projects.

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State Patrol Mobile Data Communications Network: Final Report and Local Evaluation Phase III, Report 2

Author: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Published By: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Source Date: December 2007

EDL Number: 14411

URL: https://rosap.ntl.bts.gov/view/dot/4212

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