The cost of an Archived Data Management System (ADMS) can vary widely depending on the size of the system and features provided.

December 2005
United States

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A cross-cutting study, Archived Data Management Systems, published by the U.S. DOT in 2005 noted, "When operations data are integrated into an Archived Data Management System (ADMS), they offer a valuable tool that supports a variety of purposes, such as developing operational strategies, planning for operations, long-term planning, and policy and investment decision making. Substantial benefits also come from improved system performance monitoring." The study reported ADMS information for the following six sites:
  • Washington State Transportation Center (Washington State TRAC)
  • California Department of Transportation Freeway Performance Measuring System (Caltrans PeMS)
  • Detroit, Michigan ITS Center (Detroit MITS)
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation Traffic Management Center (Minnesota TMC)
  • Maricopa County Arizona Regional Archive Data Server (Maricopa County RADS)
  • King County Washington Metro (King County Metro)
The U.S. DOT study included a summary of the system features for all six ADMS sites, but reported cost information for only two – the Washington State TRAC and the Caltrans PeMS. The other four ADMSs were established as part of larger projects and the cost of the ADMS component was not separately identified. The ADMS features and cost information for two sites, excerpted from the source study, are presented below.

Washington State TRAC System
Caltrans PeMS Systems
Use of National Architecture/ ITS StandardsSystem predates incorporation of ADUS into National ITS Architecture and ADMS standards development.System incorporated in regional ITS architectures.

System predates final ITS standards development.

Standards were used when applicable and available.
Data Users State DOT
University researchers
Regional MPO
State DOT
University researchers
Consultants Media
Traveling public
Value added Resellers
Data formats/System ArchitectureThe 20-second archive is stored as part of an Oracle database. The 5-minute archive uses a flat file structure (typically in ASCII text).

Centralized system collects data and distributes traveler information via Internet.
Database consists of 2 TB of historical data stored in commercially available database format.

Centralized System connected to TMC via WAN.
Data QualitySystem does not automatically interpolate missing values. The system requires the individual user to decide how they will deal with bad and missing data. Data includes flags to alert users of suspect data.System automatically interpolates missing values.

System performs diagnostic on each loop in the system.
Data Collection MethodsSystem collects data via a secure Internet connection to a server hardwired to the WSDOT freeway operations computer or data in the form of flat files stored on CD-ROMs.Data collected from TMC using Caltrans WAN. Incident data also Provided by California Highway Patrol.
System Costs$85,000 for initial research and development.

Biannual operations and maintenance budgets ranged from $250,000 to $350,000.
$8 million to establish.

Annual operations and maintenance costs ranged from $150,000 to $200,000.

[Abbreviation Notes: ADUS - Archived Data User Service; MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization; TB - Terra Bytes; TMC – Transportation Management Center; WAN - Wide Area Network; WSDOT - Washington State Department of Transportation.]

Based on the data from two sites, the cost of establishing an ADMS can vary widely – one system costing $85,000, the other $8 million, depending on the size of the system and features provided. Operating and maintenance costs were in a closer range, $150,000 to $350,000, usually on an annual basis.

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Archived Data Management Systems: A Cross Cutting Study, Linking Operations and Planning Data

Published By: United States Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Source Date: December 2005

EDL Number: 14128

Other Reference Number: FHWA-JPO-05-044


System Cost

Costs to establish an ADMS can vary from $85,000 to $8 million.


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