Using sensors and traffic cameras for incident identification and verification yielded benefit-to-cost ratios of 6.54:1 and 12.47:1, respectively.

Analysis of five metro areas in South Carolina using sensors and traffic cameras to identify and verify incident locations.

April 2007
Greenville,South Carolina,United States; Charleston,South Carolina,United States; Columbia,South Carolina,United States; York,South Carolina,United States; Florence,South Carolina,United States

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The South Carolina Department of Transportation sponsored a study to examine the current state of the incident management industry in the US by reviewing the available published literature and by launching a nationwide survey of multiple incident management agencies. The study also evaluated the specific impact of traffic incidents on both motorists and the environment on South Carolina freeways by using traffic simulation and benefit-cost analysis.

South Carolina uses sensors (loop and radar) and traffic cameras to detect and verify the location of incidents. The benefit-cost analysis in the report considered the use of these technologies in the Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, York, and Florence areas.


Traffic Sensors
  • The average benefit to cost ratio for use of sensors to detect incidents across all five sites was 6.54:1.
  • Sensitivity analysis revealed that the lowest benefit to cost ratio was 4.50:1 and the highest was 10.23:1.
Traffic Cameras
  • The average benefit to cost ratio for use of traffic cameras to detect incidents across all five sites was 12.47:1.
  • Sensitivity analysis revealed that the lowest benefit to cost ratio was 9.91:1 and the highest was 16.61:1.

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Benefit Cost Analysis of Accelerated Incident Clearance (Final Report)

Author: Mashrur Chowdhury, Ryan Fries, Yongchang Ma, Ann Dunning, Carol Hamlin, Kaan Ozbay, Jennifer Ogle, and Wayne Sarasua

Published By: South Carolina Department of Transportation

Source Date: April 2007


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