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Source: Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program: Success Stories

Publish all CV planning documentation to serve as an example for other early deployers to follow(11/01/2017)
Success Stories from the USDOT's Connected Vehicle Pilot Program

Incentivize participation in CV deployments through benefits such as toll discounts(11/01/2017)
Success Stories from the USDOT’s Connected Vehicle Pilot Program

The USDOT’s three Connected Vehicle Pilots successfully demonstrate cross-site over-the-air interoperability among six participating vendors.(11/01/2017)
Interoperability-related activities pave the way for roll-out of connected vehicle technologies, with devices and applications operating as designed across the nation.

Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program yields program management best practices for integrating and testing large disparate systems.(11/01/2017)
Systems engineering best practices to reduce risks, minimize schedule delays, and avoid cost overruns.

Connected vehicles should rely on more than one data feed to determine accurate location and speed(11/01/2017)
NYCDOT’s first demonstration of the NYC Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment's applications to the general public produces valuable lessons learned for the deployment team