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Source: Metropolitan Transportation Management Center Concepts of Operation: A Cross-Cutting Study

Use tested and effective traffic management systems for Transportation Management Centers (TMCs). (10/1/1999)
Eight states' experiences with ITS Traffic Management Systems for TMCs.

Choose staff training and documentation methods to match individual Transportation Management Center (TMC) needs.(10/1/1999)
Eight states' experiences with training and documentation methods for TMCs.

Select map displays, computers, and software for transportation management centers (TMCs) that minimize cost and decrease complexity.(10/1/1999)
Eight states' experiences with map displays, computers, and software for TMCs.

Address noise and disruptions to TMCs through effective anticipation and planning.(10/1/1999)
Eight states' experience with noise and disruptions to TMCs.

Select Transportation Management Center (TMC) design and location based on individual TMC needs and traffic realities.(10/1/1999)
Eight states' experiences with design and location considerations for TMCs.

Consider using contractors for TMC maintenance support.(10/1/1999)
Eight states' experiences with using contractors for TMCs.