Wyoming (12 unique lessons found)

Connected vehicle warning systems should provide drivers with actionable information that supplements in-vehicle alerts.
An analysis of truck driver behavior, as part of Wyoming’s Connected Vehicle Pilot Program, finds that connected vehicle warnings alone are ineffective

Connected vehicle deployers should assess field equipment and organizational capabilities that will be needed to support core CV components.
Lessons Learned from the Design/Build/Test Phase of the USDOT's Connected Vehicle Pilot Program.

Use current SAE, IEEE, and NTCIP standards with systems engineering content to control architecture and design activities for a connected vehicle network.
Experiences from the Wyoming Department of Transportation's (WYDOT) Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment System Design Phase.

Use a local SQL Lite database with positional data to improve the performance of GIS applications
Evaluation of the Wyoming DOT's Road Condition Reporting Application

Use the self-evaluation and integration planning process to create wider awareness of the benefits of weather integration to improve TMC operations.
Experience from four Transportation Management Centers' efforts to identify and implement strategies to meet their weather integration needs.