Colorado (28 unique lessons found)

Colorado DOT offers lessons learned after recovering from two 2018 ransomware attacks.
Planning in place, availability of offline backups, and coordination between CDOT and State, Federal, and private entities helped Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) maintain operations and recover from two successive ransomware attacks in 2018 without paying ransom.

Use the self-evaluation and integration planning process to create wider awareness of the benefits of weather integration to improve TMC operations.
Experience from four Transportation Management Centers' efforts to identify and implement strategies to meet their weather integration needs.

Apply system engineering principles for the success of complex ITS projects.
Colorado DOT's experience implementing an integrated TMC.

Draw on the strengths of complementary relationships between the public and private sectors for successful implementation of ITS projects.
The E-470 Public Highway Authority’s experience in forging public-private partnerships for design, construction, operations, and maintenance of an electronic toll highway facility.

Establish partnerships with agencies that share regional ITS needs in order to maximize synergies.
A Colorado DOT experience in deploying the I-70 ITS Integration project

Assess what users want when developing a traffic information Web site.
The experience of several of the nation’s top traffic and transit information Web site developers.

Develop a unified approach for a statewide intelligent transportation systems (ITS) deployment policy.
A New Jersey Department of Transportation experience with ITS operations and maintenance in Transportation Operations Centers (TOCs).

Recognize the value of inter-agency partnerships when implementing ITS projects.
A Colorado DOT experience in deploying a large multi-jurisdictional ITS project

Consider dividing a large ITS project into manageable task orders.
A Colorado DOT experience in deploying a large multi-jurisdictional ITS project

Apply systems engineering principles for improved project management.
A Colorado DOT experience in deploying a large multi-jurisdictional ITS project

Include certain components to make the Regional ITS Strategic Plan useful in implementation.
National experience developing Regional ITS Strategic Plans to guide implementation.

Recognize that rapid technological advances are taking place in the ITS industry when selecting specific ITS technologies.
National experience selecting specific ITS technologies for regional and rural application.

Identify regional needs from the bottom up and ensure that specific rural needs are not neglected in state/regional ITS strategic plans.
National experience with performing regional inventories and defining needs for ITS strategic plans.

Use speed warning signs on dangerous curves to reduce speeds of trucks.
Colorado DOT utilizes low cost system to reduce truck speeds on mountain passes.

Use the National ITS Architecture to streamline the development of an integrated framework for deploying effective and interoperable ITS.
California, Colorado, Montana, New York and Washington’s experiences with using the National ITS Architecture.